About Us

We have started the production of Aquaprime Water Makers in Bodrum/Turgutreis in 2004 with the motto “Have a SEAFULL of water”. We are proud to offer fast, efficient and personalized projects to our customers in line with all the innovations brought by the current age in Aegean, Mediterranean and other coastal regions of Turkey where yacht industry is developing at world standards as well as in Europe and Far East.

The most important feature of our CE Certified products is high efficiency water production, silent operating principle and low energy consumption. We provide our customers with after-sales service and fast spare parts supply for our products, which can always be used smoothly and safely at all times. Thanks to our expert assembly team, we can produce flexible solutions for all yacht types.

With our young and dynamic team, we continue to grow day by day, expand our service network and produce Aquaprime Water Makers.

Our vision is to be a first choice solution partner in all areas we operate by displaying a disciplined work performance in line with all the innovations brought by the current age in the direction of being a company that has achieved to become a recognized brand and reached an international level of quality.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality solutions and services for the demands of our customers by using state of the art technology and the best materials in all the areas we operate as Water Maker Production, Yacht Materials-Spare Parts Supply Repair and Maintenance.

Ever since the first day we have set sail with the motto “Have a SEAFULL of water”, our principle is to have a reliable and leading place among the world companies of the sector we are in.

In pursuance of our principles, we strive to;
- Carry out Water Maker Production, Yacht Material Supply and Yacht Maintenance, Service and Repair activities in international standards that will meet customer needs and expectations at the highest level in line with the management and principles of the company, by staying true to our Vision and Mission,
- Provide customer satisfaction within the scope of continuous progress and improvement principle by following the technological developments and innovations in the sector and increasing the product and service quality,
- Achieve projects and business outcomes that will create value for the parties we serve in line with our vision and mission,
- Provide products, services and activities in compliance with national and international requirements and other provisions,
- Ensure that our company employees work with our solution partners and suppliers in long-term cooperation,
- Ensure occupational safety and protect the health of our colleagues in all areas we serve,
- Implement and continuously improve our corporate management system based on participatory, process-oriented and risk-based thinking.


You can review our e-catalog to get detailed information about the technical details of our products.